There are no scheduled events this month due to the Covid-19 virus.



It’s been a strange year so far, which has impacted many of our usual rites of passage. At this particular point in the year, our young high school graduates should be out celebrating their completion of twelve years of schooling.

But alas, the usual grad and prom functions haven’t been in the cards. Here at The Pender Post, we thank Production Manager Michel Pelletier helping with layout/design, and Liis Graham, on maternity leave from her teaching position on Salt Spring, for organising the event and compiling a special tribute to this year’s graduates.  See “Class of 2020” on pages 6, 8, 16,  36, and 53, and also the Three on the Tree submission on page 18.

I would also like to give thanks and credit to Kenta Kikuchi for his amazing photos, with the exception of the official school grad photos.  Thank you Kenta.

- Vicki Dutton