This calendar mirrors the one published this month.



Our beloved calendar, normally the heartbeat of Pender Island, is a blank as none of us are gathering together for any reason. As I write this on March 19, the skies are quiet, with no flights overhead. If the early weeks are any indication, I expect us all to have the most beautiful yards and gardens this year because really, what else do many of us have to do? And on the rainy days, those cupboards in your home that have been a catchall for years are being cleaned out, scrubbed and loaded up again with everything tidy and organized.


At this point, our businesses are doing their best to continue providing their services in a way that is safe to us all. Food and drug outlets are doing a fine job of staying open while not spreading any germs; restaurants are trying to provide us with takeout food to keep both us and them alive; liquor outlets are doing what they do and the community service businesses are modifying but still providing service.


As we go through all this, we’ll keep in mind who might need our help as things progress, and Pender being Pender, we’ll hold out a hand and do what we can for whomever is struggling. If you need help, please call someone - a friend or neighbour, someone you know from one of the clubs or groups you attend.


This is not a time to think you can tough things out. We have never seen times like these so the only rule that applies is to help each other.