Cover Story

December cover photo website.jpg
First Snowfall of the Season

by Mike Wiley

The photo on December’s cover, is of the first snowfall of the season in November.  It certainly is a very attractive way of hinting at what lies in store for us if we are lucky.  I am sure you will all agree, the photo beats a photo of your car stacked high with snow, and knowing, as you look through the window, that your shovel is under the house somewhere and the windshield scraper is wherever scrapers mysteriously disappear in their off-season.

Our cover features a clutch of Hawthorn berries snuggled in a bed of snow.  Not that I have asked them, but robins, flickers, and those little LBJs (Little Brown Jobs) may find Mountain Ash berries more enticing than Hawthorn berries. I know that because the birds named above cleaned out our entire Mountain Ash of berries…every berry…in one day, at least three weeks before this year’s early snowfall.
We watched them that day, bouncing from branch to branch with each bird downing an astounding number of berries. It seems to be berry in mouth, berry directly to stomach…no chewing needed or allowed.  Unlike birds devouring berries, I have no doubt your host for this year’s Christmas dinner would be delighted with a few appreciative comments as the Christmas bird dwindles.

From the staff and board of The Pender Post, the Research Department, and me, have a great Christmas, and please remember that Christmas is really more about sharing with friends and those less fortunate than ourselves.  Cheers!  


Mike Wiley