Buy Local

If this month’s mouthwatering Pender Post cover photo makes you think of Farmers’ Market delights and the array of produce available from roadside stands throughout the Penders, then the cover photo has done its job. The message of the cover photo is “Buy Local.”

No matter where you live, buying local makes sense, but on Pender the buy local strategy has many benefits, such as —creating local jobs and income, supporting friends, neighbours, and community values, keeping your money circulating in your own community, reducing the environmental impact by reducing transportation cost of the food and non-food items we consume, as well as reducing costly and often environmentally taxing packaging. If you have concerns about the use of pesticides in the production of the food you eat, buying local usually gives you the opportunity to look the producer in the eye and ask that question.

There are many reasons to “buy local,” but for one of the most obvious and compelling reasons, bite into a locally grown tomato or apple and then into one of the California equivalent after it has enjoyed a 1,000+ mile, multi-truck ride and a scenic ferry trip to get to Pender. The California and Pender items may look similar but WOW, the taste comparison makes one wonder if they really are even related fruit or vegetables (O.K. tomatoes are technically fruits but we have called them vegetables for eons so I am not going to buck the trend!). Southern US and other warm country fruit and vegetable varieties are often grown for their ease of production and their ability to travel. In the winter, we may appreciate the produce from those warm areas but in the summer, if you want something that travels well, buy luggage. If you want something with outstanding taste, plus many inherent local benefits, buy local!

Whether you are a year-round resident or a visitor, take the time to enjoy the many delights and surprises of the Farmers’ Market and our many roadside stands.

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