Back to School!

Our September cover celebrates the next big event for many Penderites, Back to School! Those three words can elicit a complete a range of emotion — joy, fear, nostalgia, challenge, pride, sorrow, elation, relief — and that list just refers to the emotions experienced by the school bus drivers! No doubt the teachers, administrative and janitorial staff all experience a similar emotional spectrum. They all know that each year brings unique challenges and they recognize that their responses to those challenges will determine success in the coming year.

The first day of a school career, or the first day at a new school can be a “hand wringer” for both parent and child. Hopefully the parents can wring their hands in private and allow the child to concentrate on the new back-pack, new friends, new crayons, and all the other good stuff. For older kids, back to school means re-connecting with friends, swapping “what I did last summer” stories and looking forward to new concepts, experiences and adventures. In some cases, the first day of school means a bigger school, new friends, teachers, and opportunities, all combined with a longer day book-ended by boat rides.

Our best wishes to all involved in the September, 2016 “Back to school” experience.

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