Peace, Happiness and Sharing

Surprise, surprise, the cover of the December Pender Post is a figurative tip of the old red and white toque to the holiday season. Whether that holiday is Christmas, Chanukah, or whatever the druids celebrate, the keys are peace, happiness and sharing.

Apart from the religious aspects of the holidays, gift giving and kindness are central to how we celebrate this time of year. The retailers and malls will be overloaded with heavily advertised, glittery toys and this year’s version of THE most popular gift – you know, the one we will be told that we all should want and that all thoughtful, caring people should give.

On the other hand, you can choose not to give plastic, mega-advertised, battery-driven obsolescence. There are alternatives that are fun to create and receive. Instead of a gift from the mall why not a gift from your own kitchen, woodshop or easel or a treasure from your own creative mind, like poetry, short stories, cartoons or caricatures.

Most of us are more than ready for a simpler, more personal type of seasonal kindness and generosity. What skills do we have to make these personal types of gifts? Some of us have great family recipes and the skill to make some homemade goodies that will brighten any friends’ day and season. Maybe you are a wizard in the shop. You can make that handmade wood or metal toy, gadget or decoration, would be treasured by any child, family, or friend who receives it. Can you paint, write, sketch, decorate, sew, knit or are you one of those “I can fix anything” people? If so, give you’re your skill, give your time, and perhaps even pass on your skill by giving the gift of free lessons.

While on the topic of giving and sharing, remember the volunteers that run the Food Bank and Santa’s S.A.C. Those jobs are crucial to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the season, but the job does not get done without our help. Donating is as easy. Ask the teller next time you visit Island Savings. In less than a minute, the teller can help you and you will have helped a Pender family enjoy the season. That is a minute well spent!

May you all enjoy and share the season.

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