A Favourable Climate

This month’s Pender Post cover features a creek in a heck of a hurry, perhaps even a creek with aspirations of becoming a waterfall. Water in this kind of hurry is an irresistible combination. Beauty, power and action all rolled into one noisy, exciting, mist shrouded package. Water droplets at their very best. During the last three months of 2016 we have experienced the less glamorous side of water droplets. Rain, lots of rain in October and November that did not present the lowly water drop in its best light, but compared to the snow flakes and ice of December, raindrops started to look pretty good. Consider the moisture of late autumn an investment in the rush of creeks and the lush of spring.

Penderites have cleverly chosen a favourable climate but, unfortunately, climate and weather are two different things. It is up to us to alter our plans to suit the weather. During our mid-December chill, a friend described how much he dreaded walking his dog during that cold, snow-laden period. After describing his pre-walk dread, he went on to describe the actual event. Once on the trail at Shingle Bay, he and his much happier dog headed up a rarely visited trail. Even before the words tumbled out of his mouth his face lit up as he bubbled, “It was like walking through a Christmas card!” The branches were laden with snow, and the unbroken snow on the ground confirmed that he and his dog were the first to enjoy that “Christmas Card” experience!

Whether motivated by indoor boredom, unspoken obligation to a pet, or the simple belief that it’s good for you. . . enjoy the rain, marvel at the snowflakes, feel the warmth of the sun and the constant change of the waterfall.

We don’t steer the weather ship, we are merely along for the ride. We cannot make the mercury climb, but we all have the ability to make the day warmer. Take the time to make someone else’s day happier and warmer. If that experience feels good, do it again the next day, and the next, and the next . . . Happy 2017!

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