Spring Arrives March 20!

After the last few months of weather roulette, it seems only fitting that the Pender Post should acknowledge spring with this spectacular March cover. Spring (Vernal Equinox) officially arrives on March 20 and all Penderites will be ready. Let the daffodils begin!

Some believe that we appreciate things more if we have to work for them, or maybe even suffer a bit to attain them. If that belief is correct, spring 2017 on Pender Island will be much appreciated, both by people and by the birds that chose to winter over on Pender. Backyard and community gardeners will be ready with various flowers and veggies that have been started indoors. Homeowners who spent the winter devising a brilliant new yard and garden design will be champing at the bit waiting to receive the first load of dirt, rocks and landscaping material.

Of course spring also means that love is in the air. Be assured that springtime’s show-stopping evening chorus of toads and frogs does not mean that the little critters are vocalizing for a spot on American Idol. Not a chance. That evening serenade is the lakeside amphibian males’ way of saying “Psst, wanna go to a movie?” Frankly, the boys in the chorus do not seem to be great lookers but I am sure that what both sides lack in the looks department they more than make up for with swell personalities.

Similarly, the male red wing blackbirds and males of other species arrive early and claim their chosen section of shoreline on Penders’ lakes. Unlike the thoughts of love that fuel the engines of many species, Pender birders will be out trying to expand their Life List of sightings. The spring migration provides an excellent opportunity to see unique birds touching down on Pender on their way to northerly summer habitats.

Thieves Bay whale watchers will be oohing, aahing and applauding the magnificence of J, K, and L pods as the orcas again become frequent visitors to Pender waters. Here’s hoping that there is a plentiful supply of Chinook salmon to put toothy grins on these massive Pender visitors.

Frogs to orcas, birders to golfers, baseball players and tennis aficionados and of course those happy gardeners - spring is a renewing, optimistic, and exciting time of year. Do get out and enjoy it!

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