Buford T.

The April cover features Buford T. Bunny (I believe the T stands for “The”). Buford is a lop- eared bunny. Originally bred in England, lops are extremely popular, with recognized breeds being developed and bred in Holland, Germany, France, USA and many other countries.

Buford is from Georgia. This is his first visit to Pender and, more importantly, his First Easter Gig. He quickly realized that Pender is much bigger than he had expected, and that the five Easter eggs (visible in the cover photo) would not be nearly enough. Intent on building up his inventory of decorated eggs in time for Easter, Buford kept our meeting necessarily brief but did ask me to extend his gratitude to all those Penderites who have volunteered to help him meet his Easter egg production target.

Like most bunnies, Buford T. confirmed that he enjoys many different types of fresh vegetables; romaine, endives, parsley, coriander, dill, fennel and arugula and, as you probably guessed, carrots. Although he praised the friendliness of Pender citizens he was clearly a little miffed by the fact that no one would tell him the location of the Pender Island Community Garden.

To all the children of Pender, the very busy Buford T. Bunny says, “Happy Easter!”

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