Happy Birthday Canada

July 1 is a big birthday date and of course is the theme of this month’s Pender Post cover . . . Canada’s 150th birthday!

Canada has many symbols that include the moose, the beaver, the loon, the maple tree (sugar maple of course), and the Maple Leaf Tartan. Our national sport apparently has summer and winter representation with hockey ruling the winter, although more often than not we let our American friends store the trophy synonymous with excellence in that sport. We do so only as a result of our world-renowned good manners. Just in case the Stanley Cup finals don’t go our way, we have cleverly designated an official summer sport. Lacrosse.

Did you know that we have a National horse? We do, and an aptly named one it is. The Canadian Horse. No doubt you too are wondering how long the Horse Naming Committee deliberated over that one. Unlike what we have done in the field of sport, we only have one National Horse and I suppose that means that we have to take turns riding. Here again our national tendency for good manners makes sharing our horse without bloodshed a real possibility.

Speaking of official Canadian symbols and, of course, the Pender Post’s cover bird, I have terrible news for the Canada goose. Earlier this year the Royal Canadian Geographical Society was successful in having the Grey Jay declared our National Bird. Oh come on!

The Canada Goose has proudly carried our name around the world, while the Grey Jay recently changed its name from Canada Jay to Grey Jay. Where’s the national pride in that? Worst of all, even as the Canada Jay, the darned bird had so little pride that it was known as the Whiskey Jack!

In no way does this string of names and aliases sound like a bird from the type of good family we would want to represent us internationally. I strongly support the Pender Post choice for a national bird. But I do regret that I cannot provide contact information for any of the wise people from the Canadian Geographic Society.

No address for those guys- but I have a better idea. Let’s just celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1 the Pender way, with kids, music, songs, flags and speeches (always delightfully short) and cake. Never forget the cake. We may not have perfected all this great nation stuff yet, but I still believe we are in first place. If you don’t think so, just read the newspaper or turn on your TV.

Happy Birthday Canada!

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