Grab Your Camera

When I first saw this month’s Pender Post cover photograph, I guessed that the August theme was “Grab your camera. It’s beautiful out there!” Local photographer Urs Boxler ( ) clearly knows how to capture the beauty of Pender. We thank Urs for his stunning cover photo.

August is indeed a fine month to “grab your camera,” but August is also Pender Island Fall Fair month and time to compete in various Fall Fair categories. I decided to go online to review the 2017 Fall Fair catalogue’s list of competition categories, just to be certain not to list any categories that were no longer active. Almost everything imaginable seemed to be included in the categories A to R, with many categories having more subsections than there were categories!

Whatever your talent, there is likely a category for your masterpiece. Finish that quilt, add one last brushstroke to your painting, or cook that award-winning berry pie. The list of items produced by talented Penderites is endless. Baked goods, flower arranging, spectacular jewellery, knitting, weaving, ceramics, woodworking, carving, Lego creations, creative repurposing and, of course, various agricultural categories including poultry, sheep and . . .

In addition to the staggering list of competitive fields, the Fall Fair boasts good food, tons of fun for kids of all ages, and music, music, music.

The Pender Island Farmers’ Institute has been organizing, promoting and operating the Fall Fair since 1932. The war effort caused a redirection of energies in 1942, and the Fall Fair idea was dormant for years before reappearing in 1962. It is a mammoth undertaking and requires volunteers like only Pender can mobilize. Writer Jack Knox of the Victoria Times Colonist once described Pender Island as being “positively infested with volunteers.” He was right and the Fall Fair is a sterling example of what can be accomplished by a little town with a big community spirit, and a deeply rooted “infestation” of volunteers.

Mark the 2017 Pender Island Fall Fair on your calendar. Saturday, August 26. See you there!

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