Beauty and Solitude

No doubt you have all realized that this month’s Pender Post cover celebrates “International Buy a Second Oar and Quit Rowing in Circles Month.” We tip our hats to Steve Greenwood of Portland Oregon for his photo that so perfectly captures this month’s theme.

Okay, so I may have misunderstood the exact reason for celebrating September but we sure like Steve’s photo, Taken at Port Browning Marina, the beauty and solitude say a lot about Pender Island. Steve, one of our many summer residents who add so much to the summer fabric of the island, has been coming to Pender since 1982. With that track record, it is safe to say that Steve “gets” Pender.

In September the Pender population shrinks, parking spaces at The Driftwood are a little more plentiful, and fewer people seem to be taking their bicycles for a walk up Scarff Hill. This time of year also sees birds and American license plates head south.

As temperatures start to dip, child entrepreneurs dismantle their lemonade stands, fold their hand-made signs and turn their thoughts to September stuff . . . school, teachers, school bus drivers, support staff and the fun of new experiences. Best wishes to all those whose lives will once again revolve around school. Have a great year!

As we all get back to the full-time job of being Penderites, hopefully we do so with traces of the enrichment we have experienced from our own travels as well as from the summer contacts made here at home.

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