Singing In The New Year

If December can have the Annual Christmas Bird Count, I think January should have an annual New Year’s bird quiz. Local photographer, Ewa Jarosinska’s photo of a busy Golden-crowned Sparrow is just the wintery subject we needed. Are you ready for the quiz?

First of all, we know that birds do not ring in the New Year because hanging onto a branch with one foot and ringing a bell with the other is just too dangerous unless birds are willing to wear little helmets. We all understand that, but why can’t the Golden-crowned Sparrow on the Pender Post cover at least sing in the New Year? That’s it birders, a one question quiz to start 2018. If you must have a clue, think Emily Post, the queen of good manners. Work with that information while the rest read.

The year that has just slipped away was a good one, not perfect but certainly good. I suspect that Pender Island lost power fewer times and for fewer total minutes than in 2016. Winter was not a kind one in 2017 but the great summer made amends and that fact brought joy to golfers, tennis players and sailors. The wet winter/hot summer combo seemed to challenge some gardeners and was considered a boon by others. The great summer must have been a delight to the construction trades. For some fishermen the fish were biting, but for others not so much. Apparently the fish that the Orcas like to bite were not available in large quantities so Orcas were equally hard to find, and that is a real concern.

On behalf of all the good people who make the Pender Post happen, I am delighted to pass on our best wishes for 2018. May your gardens flourish, your pastimes be rewarding, and your health and happiness achieve record highs in 2018.

On a closing note, I hope that you birders will forgive me when you learn that the bird quiz answer was that our cover bird was not singing in the New Year because he has a yummy chunk of berries in his mouth and, in accordance with a long standing Emily Post directive, “one should never talk (or sing) with one’s mouth full.

All the best in 2018!

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