Valentine's Day

Our February cover photo was taken by local photographer Kim Pollard. I am not sure if Kim had St. Valentine’s Day in mind when she snapped this Thieves Bay scene but, intended or not, the photo is a perfect fit. Whatever your age, Valentine’s Day is a time to share a beautiful sunset, or the warmth of a crackling fire, or a candlelit dinner with that important person in your life.

Although Valentine’s Day is a coast-to-coast, perhaps even a worldwide event, local customs still rule the day. Not a lot has been written about various local Valentine’s Day customs but, thanks to the diligence of Pender Post’s crack Research Department, that mystery ends now. For example, Valentine’s Day in the Maritimes is also known as Give Yer Honey a Lobster Trap Day. In Quebec, while some still favour quiet romantic dinners, February 14 is also known as Pass the Poutine Day. Not so much in Timmons, or Hamilton, but in Toronto they celebrate Centre of the Universe Day...but then again Torontonians celebrate every day that way.

Canadian Tire was the first to tip us off that for several years Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have designated Valentine’s Day as Jumper Cable Exchange Day. Surely there is no more sincere way of expressing your deepest affection than to bestow flowers and a new set of jumper cables on the special person in your life.

The Pender Post Research Department’s coast-to-coast Valentine’s Day tour realized that British Columbia was simply too big for the team to cover by car, rail or air. Instead, through a dazzling array of statistical techniques and computer machinations, the Department devised a system of picking one town or city that could represent a cross section of BC norms and Valentine’s practices. The representative town was, surprisingly, Pender Island (North and South of course). On Pender, people tend to celebrate with candlelit dinners, flowers, chocolates, commercial and handmade cards, slowly sipped wine, outdoor activities and, of course, relaxing at Thieves Bay sharing a sunset with a special person.

The other Pender Island Valentine’s Day custom might just include poking a little fun at other Canadian towns and cities, even the ones we once may have called home.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Mike Wiley

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