Ah, Springtime

Ah, springtime on Pender Island! Officially, spring 2018 rolls onto our island on March 20 at 4:33 am. I have no idea who decides this stuff, but at 4:33 am, we can be confident that spring does not arrive by ferry. As long as we are being so precise as to the arrival of spring, we might as well refer to it by its full name. Vernal Equinox. Because you always wanted to know, I can confirm that the Equinox part refers to the Latin word meaning “equal” as in hours of light and dark on that day. I cannot help too much with the Vernal part but it most likely refers to a Latin guy named Vern who figured out the equal darkness and light thing. Before you quote my Vern theory, I must acknowledge that several people who know me well, including my mother, have gone on record to confirm that I have been wrong before…more than once. Regardless of its Latin name, spring will be arriving on March 20 and many seedlings are anxious to ditch their grow-lit bassinets and head outdoors to become the fruits, flowers and vegetables depicted on the envelopes from which they came. The white narcissus and purple tulips pictured on our cover are symbolic of all the wonderful spring delights like rising temperatures, daffodils, budding trees, and lawns shedding their winter browns for cheerful greens. In addition to the sights of Spring, don’t forget the sounds, most of which are provided by the males of one species or another. Regardless of species, the males will be decked out in their flashiest as they chirp their hopeful, can’t-miss version of Mr. Wonderful. Chirping is cheerful and positive, but I draw the line at last year’s show-off flicker that decided our chimney cap had just the right bongo-like tonal qualities needed to help tell the world what a catch he was. Chirping birds, yes, and croaking frogs, fine, but drumming flickers, not so much. It is Pender Island and it is spring. Enjoy!

Mike Wiley

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