Happy Easter

This month’s cover, Easter…the less serious side…chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, jelly beans and whatever other Easter treats are the centre of childhood delight in your family on Easter.

Don’t ask how the date of Easter is determined because I don’t think anyone really knows. Personally, I suspect that Easter’s date is determined by some sort of ecumenical coin toss. And the winning date for Easter, 2018 is…April Fools!

No, seriously, that is when Easter shows up in 2018 . . . April Fools Day! In my entire chocolate bunny devouring career, I do not remember Easter and April Fools Day sharing the same day. Apparently not remembering doesn’t mean it did not happen, and in fact the Research Department confirmed that in my lifetime, the two events have shared the day twice before. I was an extremely short person for the first one but should have remembered the second one.

Having picked a day, let’s move on to the non-secular centre-piece, the Easter egg hunt. The phrase “the thrill of the hunt” may have been invented to describe small children at an Easter egg hunt. These egg hunt rookies can be identified by their wide-eyed glee and whoop of joy upon finding that first egg…thrill personified. On the other hand, the experienced egg hunters are far more focused and competitive. They fully understand that their goal is simple - amass Easter eggs, more eggs than anyone else.

In addition to chocolate and dyed eggs the NEHL (National Egg Hunt League) has added larger plastic eggs that contain actual small gifts for the lucky finder. One brilliant idea is to include a package of seeds as an in-the-egg gift. Part of the fun, perhaps the real fun and the real lesson, comes from a child finding a packet of seeds, planting, nurturing and watering them and seeing their seeds growing into carrots, lettuce or herbs! A gift, a fun way to learn about gardening and planting and the whole lesson tied in with the Easter or spring concept of rebirth. BONUS!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the fun and or embarrassment of finding the last egg. Usually the last egg is no big deal but on a few occasions the last egg is not found for months, and it usually starts with a puzzled guest saying something like “Is that a foil wrapped Easter egg sitting on the picture frame? Yup.

Happy Easter.

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