Breakfast is being served

This month’s cover photo, “Breakfast is being served,” was taken by local photographer, Lynn Price-Wallace.

Everyone knows that fruits grow on trees and bushes. But look carefully at Lynn’s cover photo. How many of you have ever actually seen a piece of fruit in the act of falling? I am not surprised that on our entire island, North and South, only three people raised their hands. Nor am I surprised that two of those people were asking to have the question repeated, and the other guy just wanted permission to go to the washroom.

Wait! We have a fourth hand waving, belonging to none other than Lynn Price-Wallace. Not only did she witness a falling fruit, she even captured on camera, a Cedar Waxwing in the act of catching it! What are the odds of a single photo that catches all these events?

Lynn may not have calculated the odds, but describing her accomplishment she said, “Sometimes you’re standing in the right place at the right time, with the right camera. I can’t believe I caught this Cedar Waxwing with his breakfast mid-air.”

We certainly thank Lynn for sharing what she described as a “bit of pure joy.”

Eat fast, Mr. or Ms. Cedar Waxwing. Looks like two more servings are already in the air. According to our Research Department, when fruits are not yet available the Waxwing hones its catching skill on insects. No doubt insect season is Waxwing spring training to prepare for the big leagues, the fruit-catching season.

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