The Spirit Board - Christmas Giving that doesn’t cost a dime!

’Tis the season. Whether you call it “the holidays,” Hanukkah, Christmas, or by any other name, the season is now. Our December cover artwork cleverly sets the tone and now it is up to you. Take in a school concert, decorate the house, enjoy the annual Pender Island Community Choir concert, share, get together with friends and neighbours, hoist a few, spend quality time with the family, and help those less fortunate. In other words, participate, enjoy, and spread the joy.

Charities are especially busy at this time of year, and happily many donors are busy as well. On Pender we are lucky because we get to make “contributions” to our favourite local charities year-round. By the way, and this is not a plug for Tru Value, the Spirit Board truly is a brilliant concept. Every time we shop, we can pass along support to our favourite local charities and organizations. That little 1% of our grocery bill that we can earmark for the Pender charity of our choice is a boon to the charities, and to the community. And the simple act of donating always makes the donor feel good.

Watching Pender visitors being asked where they’d like their 1% to go is always entertaining. The cashiers must be ready with a rapid explanation of the system to reassure the bewildered customers that they won’t be hit with an additional 1% charge. As a newcomer to Pender some years ago, I was one of the uninitiated, but was pleased that I had somehow made a painless donation to a local charity. Without a clue how the program worked, I was impressed. Some time later I actually did learn how this magical and painless Spirit Board works. It’s simple, I think…

At the checkout, the customer designates one of the listed Spirit Board charities and the cashier electronically earmarks 1% of that customer’s bill to be donated to the designated charity. Each year the charity receives store credits (pre-loaded Tru Value credit cards in amounts of $25 or $50) equal to the accumulated amount of those 1% totals that have been designated to the charity. The act of designating a charity costs the grocery customer nothing, but those little 1% donations can really add up for the recipient organization…really add up.

For charities like the Food Bank, the grocery store credit card is a perfect format. But charities not needing Tru Value Foods merchandise have an extra step, namely converting their Tru Value credit cards into the cash needed to accomplish the work they do. How is that done? They count on us.

Ask a representative of a Spirit Board charity if you can purchase some of their pre-loaded Tru Value credit cards to use to buy your groceries.

“Tis the season, and the staff and Board of the Pender Post wish you, your family, and your designated drivers a safe, warm, fun-filled holiday...and a happy Pender Christmas.

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