We wish you health and happiness throughout 2019

Ah, a cover to remind us that when this pesky rain and cold stuff ends, the sun will return, and sights like those on our January cover will be a summertime reality. Port Washington does have an ability to look spectacular on a fine, blue sky summer day, doesn’t it? I should warn you that this is no ordinary summer day on our cover…not by a long shot.

The cover photo is surprising in several ways. Surprise number one, it was taken by our own Pender Post Production Manager, Michel Pelletier. Pelletier, the photographer. Who knew? Pelletier modestly deflected any kudos, saying, “I’m not a photographer. The subject matter was spectacular and made it easy to get a good photo.”

Surprise number two, the photo was taken on December 4, 2018. Wow, how did we miss that? I scrutinized the photo to see what tell-tale signs I had missed, but I am still none the wiser. Summer or winter? Hard to tell the difference. I must be losing my touch because as a kid on the prairies I could tell the difference between December and July. First of all, on the prairies if one sees a floatplane tied to a dock in December, there’s no rush to grab a camera. It won’t be going anywhere ‘til March.

This is New Year’s resolution time, so I could not help wondering if getting serious about photography would show up anywhere on Michel’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If you are not sold on the resolution thing, try this. Start the year by making a stranger smile! If it feels good, make two strangers smile. Adding a smile a day isn’t the point, but making it a habit to make others smile definitely is. On paper it sounds like a good idea, and you will soon realize that it makes you feel awfully good too. One recent and miserable rainy day, I passed two hitchhikers just as I turned into my driveway. With a flurry of gestures I hoped that I had hit on the universal hand signal to both apologize and explain that I was not going farther. Pulling into the driveway, I wondered what in my life was so important that I could not give a lift to two hitchhiking backpackers slogging through a downpour.

I backed out of the driveway and gave a damp but very charming couple a ride to Otter Bay (it is really not a very big island). They had come to Pender Island from Surrey just to play disc golf on one of their favourite courses. As they tumbled out of the car at the ferry terminal, one of them thanked me by handing me an almost brand-new disc golf putter! Clearly a verbal thank you would have been enough, but years ago a very wise woman told me, “If someone wants to do you a favour or give you something, accept graciously. Friends like to do things for friends and many strangers are just friends who you don’t know yet.” Adi’s putter now resides at the Pender Island Disc Golf Course and is happily enjoying its new career as a donated “loaner.”

May you all make a stranger smile, and respond to kindness with a thank-you and the good grace to “pay it forward” Everyone benefits!

On behalf of the Research Department and all those who make The Pender Post a reality, we wish you health and happiness throughout 2019.

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