A Christmas Rose for Valentines Day

What better way to get us all in a Valentine mood than our February cover photo, a Christmas Rose! Okay, even I can see the total disconnect in the logic of that sentence. That whole concept of a Christmas Rose for Valentines Day sounds like the strategy one of my family members adopted with their annual Christmas letter. Every year it arrived later and later until it finally arrived bearing the opening salutation, Happy Easter…so much for coordinating thought and season.

Our February cover features a particular Christmas rose that lives in the garden of Ewa Jarosinska, whom, as you may remember, also has a camera and a fine sense for capturing the moment. Call me old-fashioned but I would have expected a Christmas rose to be in gorgeous bloom sometime near Christmas. Ewa’s Christmas rose is clearly in bloom in January and may be a bit ahead of schedule but many other local versions of the flower are trying to hold off for spring, or maybe Valentine’s Day. There are many versions of the Christmas rose ranging the gamut from white to black. Yes black, and the black version is a stunner.

In preparation for this article The Pender Post Research Department ferreted out many wonderful bits of information on the flower including a host of Latin names. I would share some of those names with you but as you may know my use of Latin names has a way getting me in trouble. Suffice to say I will wait a few months before I again risk incurring the wrath of my new best friend, Guido.

If you are intending to shower your beloved with Christmas roses that burst into bloom on or near Valentines Day there is one fact that our researchers thought that I should share with you. Christmas roses are poisonous! Maybe we are being picky here, and in fairness this characteristic is only life threatening if the love of your life tends to eat the flowers given in the name of love. Nonetheless, even if the love of your life does not tend to eat gifted flowers he or she might not appreciate the mixed message involved with any poisonous Valentines Day gift. If only a flower will do and that flower has to be a rose, I would heartily recommend giving something more along the lines of a Mr. Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose…deep red, spectacular aroma…you cannot beat a Mr. Lincoln…and certainly not with a Mr. Trump. Happy Valentines Day.

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