Sunny Day Kayaking

The March cover features another beautiful ocean scene, and Penderite Ben McConchie was at the helm of both kayak and camera for this event. For the second time in three months, The Pender Post has featured our Pacific Ocean looking beautiful, serene, and summery in January! This March cover scene does a pretty good job of making us forget about the soft flakes wafting down as they did far too often in February. Actually it wasn’t the wafting that many of us will remember as much as the weight and wet of those flakes that left a lasting impression on many Pender backs, arms, and shovel-holding hands.

For those who like to know the what-and-where of the cover details, Ben tells us that the photo was taken just off Razor Point, looking toward Saturna. The day was clear and sunny, thoughtfully popping up after a series of rainy and cloudy days. Upon seeing the cover photo for the first time, Ben’s father exclaimed, “Hey, that’s our kayak…I wondered where it went!” Ben swears he did not steal his parents’ kayak. “I was just doing quality control,” he claimed.

We believe you Ben, and thanks for the photo. Your timing was brilliant. Your sunny day kayak event was just what we needed to replace February’s memories of snow, backaches, and power outages.

Although we expect far better things from March, I close by giving a tip of the old Pender Post toque to John Bradley from MainRoad Contracting for ensuring that the roads of Pender Island received the repeated salting, sanding, and ploughing needed to keep them passable in the short run, amazingly driveable in a day, and back to normal long before many of us believed possible. Similar kudos to BC Hydro workers, who repeatedly did what was required in order to restore welcome heat and power to our homes.

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