So Long Winter

You may recall that a few months ago, The Pender Post featured a cover photo of a float plane, bathed in sunshine, with a calm ocean and high blue skies, and the comment that the picture had been taken in December. When our wintery weather decided to continue, we dug in our journalistic heels and opted for a cover featuring a kayak cruising once again through summery looking waters, this time from a photo taken on a January day.

Our Research Department now has declared winter over and, based on that comforting thought, has chosen a farewell-to-winter on The Pender Post cover!

What did Penderites do when those fluffy snowflakes continued to fall? Some may have arranged an exodus to sunshine, golf courses, tennis courts, and beaches. But for those of us remaining on Pender, kids and puppies were the real celebrants of snow accumulating, enjoying the fun of all things snow-related and even the best possible outcome…a school closure!

For the rest of us, the accumulation of white stuff meant the same conversation, “Where did I put the shovel last time it snowed?” And the answer at our house, “I can’t find a shovel for you but I know exactly where the photos of you shovelling with a hunk of plywood are. Want to see them?”

Little domestic dramas such as this no doubt are played out every few years when the snow decides to stick around for a bit on Pender. This year, one clever Penderite, Carole Elliott, was totally prepared. While the snow was still light and fluffy she grabbed her camera, interrupted her lunch, strolled to the living room window and snapped our cover photo of a snow-flecked bald eagle. He/she is regal, totally in charge, and doesn’t care where the shovel is.

Good job Carole, a wonderful photo and the perfect note on which The Pender Post is delighted to say, “So long winter of 2018-19.”

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