Cover boy is Melvin Mink

September’s Pender Post cover boy is Melvin Mink. And our intrepid photographer was Lynn Price-Wallace whose creative photographic gem was featured on the cover of our April issue of The Pender Post: The Foxglove, the Dragonfly, and the Ant.

Melvin is not a Pender Island resident, and in fact Lynn admits that she was very fortunate to have snapped this photo of Melvin just seconds after he landed on Pender Island. Apparently, Melvin’s relatives have been showing up on Pender around mid-August for several years. There seemed to be no scientific reason for this seasonal migration and even more confusing was the fact that by the end of August at the latest, the Pender Island mink population seems to fall back to its late July level…weird!

This strange seasonal variation of Pender Island mink population is not an overnight, nor a one-or-two year oddity. Canadian government naturalists as well as various American and Canadian university academics have studied this oddity but it remained unexplained for decades. Last year, after years of unsuccessful studies by “higher authorities” our own Pender Post Research Department was commissioned to tackle what has become known as the Pender Island Mink Population Study. The fine young people of our Research Department were so pleased to be given the task they spent their own money having fluorescent orange T-shirts emblazoned with the study’s acronym in large electric blue letters.

Sadly, the proud researchers only donned their beautiful Tees for that initial Driftwood Centre outing. Some bystanders thought the shirts showed a blatant and deplorable lapse in taste.

Although it is hard to argue about the printed tees, we at The Pender Post are still proud that only our Research Team was sharp enough to see the correlation between the mink population and the history of the Fall Fair exhibiting various fowl competitions. Although the mink arrive with malicious intent, the Fall Fair has never lost a feathered competitor to these off-island or local marauders. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Fair and rested easy knowing that the feathery competitors were once again safe and sound…no doubt loud, but always safe!

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