Cover photo isn't a photo

This month’s cover photo isn’t a photo. Okay, the photo really is a photo but that designation seems far too simple. The our cover features a photo taken by Kim Pollard of a painting Kim Pollard did from an earlier Kim Pollard. I know I know, why didn’t I just say that in the first place.

The background story of our October cover is really interesting. In 2018 Kim embarked on a trip to London, Paris and the Netherlands. No one will be surprised to learn that art gallery visits were high on her list list.

Kim was stuck by the many paintings she saw of historic buildings, homes, and estates. She was equally impressed by the fact that some buildings still existed but had changed . Additions had been made, deterioration had taken its toll, and worst of all, demolition, intentionally or by war, flood, or fire had occurred. Kim realized that, intentionally or otherwise, the paintings she was viewing had become important historical records.

When Kim returned to Pender she began to photograph and paint various Pender buildings of note, particularly scenes and places that were a part of her own life on Pender...Kim the record keeper! Our cover photo, as you may recognize, is of the buildings on the Port Washington docks. These buildings in one incarnation or another have been home to a store, Post Office, dance studio, Yoga centre and a host of other uses.

The original 36 x 48 inch painting from which our cover photo was taken is owned privately and remains on Pender.

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