Simple, sincere, inclusive.

Our November cover photo was submitted by Shalene Upshall (née Linds). Shalene lived on Pender as a child and took this photo a few years ago while visiting Pender.

We often try to kid ourselves that summer will last longer than it has in the past. Again, this year some of us fell into that trap thinking that summer would keep autumn at bay. An appealing thought, but the law of averages and the laws of nature always combine to make that eventuality a real long shot. Adirondack chairs on the other hand tend to accept things as they are. Never underestimate the wisdom of an Adirondack chair. Our cover chairs appear content with changes, their autumn silhouettes seemingly holding hands. They have seen the sun set on many Pender autumns from their exclusive vantage point in Roesland. If the chairs, like so many of us, have lived elsewhere they know they have landed in a very special place.

Shalene obviously feels that way. In the note attached to her submitted photograph, she wrote, “I’m not a resident yet but that is my main goal in life to become part of the wonderful community that is Pender Island.”

When you do join us, Shalene, be sure to take in the November 11 Remembrance Day activities at the Legion. The ceremony itself is outdoors in whatever weather is being served that day. The ceremony is so Pender…

Once you have been a resident for a month or two, you will recognize neighbours in the crowd, among the official participants, and maybe in the Pender Island Pipe Band. And even a polite, respectful dog or two. In the best way, this is an “only on Pender Island” event.

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