Sending warm wishes to all of you for much holiday joy and happiness

Our December cover photo is another beaut by Ewa Jarosinksa. You may recall an earlier cover photo by Jarosinksa, the Blue Heron in prime spring mating plumage. Ewa took that photo at the Otter Bay Ferry Terminal. For December’s cover photo she found her subject at the Driftwood Centre! We have all been to the ferry Terminal and the Driftwood Centre frequently but, without her photographer’s eye, we just don’t seem to see as much as she does. It’s just not fair!

To be honest, my prairie background does not naturally lead me to think “robin” when I think of Christmas photos. On the prairies, robins spend most of September stuffing little swimsuits and shades into their travel bags. Winters for those robins who don’t pack and leave tend not to be fun . . . or long. Our intrepid Pender Post Research department was quick to confirm that some robins do flee the Gulf Islands. Those that leave are often “replaced” by robins that summer in northern climates and tend to take up winter residence in BC’s lower latitudes (Birds of Coastal British Columbia, by Nancy Baron and John Acorn).

As readers instantly realize, our cover robin has been busy setting the photographic Christmas table. The tastefully arranged border of greenery with the jumble of cranberry-red berries needs only a stack of fancy ribboned parcels and a delicious turkey to complete the picture. Mr. Robin originally intended to include that turkey as the centrepiece for this Christmas photo but that plan was forever derailed when one of Robin’s aides reminded him that, until mere days before the camera shutter was to click, the yummy-looking centrepiece had been a bird…a gawky and silly looking bird, but a bird nonetheless.

More important than nailing down the details for Christmas photography, it is both crucial and rewarding to remember to share. Sharing can be as simple as a seasonal switch in designating your charity at the grocery store. As easy as putting an extra leaf in the table to facilitate another chair for a person who might otherwise be dining alone. Perhaps easiest of all, adding a smile to a stranger’s day. That last one is a cinch and guess what? It can be done all year long, and costs nothing. To borrow the old Alka-Seltzer catch phrase, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

The Pender Post board and staff, along with the hard-working Pender Post Research Department, send warm wishes to all of you for much holiday joy and happiness.

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