Can you name that leaf?

What could be more perfect for our February cover than a leaf or flower cleverly shaped like a heart? Local photographer, Corinne McAuley was the eagle-eye who took this timely photo and we all agreed that the photo had to be the February issue’s cover shot.

I knew what the photo reminded me of but course not being a gardener, I had no clue what the actual subject flower or leaf was. Apparently, I was not alone as none of our crack Research Team could name it and Ms McAuley wasn’t able to enlighten us either.

I should warn you that if none of our readers can name this leaf, I will personally come up with a Latin name for it, thereby dooming the poor little flower to bear a name which no doubt will have some clever Latin route based on one of the words amo, amas or amat. Those latin words just happen to be the only Latin I remember from Grade IX Latin. See how cleverly I even tossed in some Latin numbers to show that, contrary to my teacher’s assessment, the year of Latin was not totally on me.

Hopefully we will have all this straightened out by the March issue of The Pender Post when winner(s) will be announced. In the meantime, celebrate Valentine’s Day by showering that special person with whatever combination of flowers, chocolates, or candle lit dinner that seems appropriate. If you are really brave try tossing in one of amo, amas or amat. Of course if you choose the wrong, The Pender Post absolves itself from any liability for any embarrassment incurred.

Perhaps less risky is to follow the advice I was once given, “Yes, dear” is always a safe bet.

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