Spring Officially Arrives On March 20

In the northern hemisphere, Spring 2020 officially arrives on March 20. What could be more spring-like than daffodils for the Pender Post March cover? My first Pender Island spring was seventeen years ago. At that time I was immediately taken by the daffodils…Pender Island’s roadside daffodils were poking up everywhere. Of course, the warm sun on my fresh-from-the-prairies face and a picnic lunch at a little cove on South Pender only added to my already positive impression.

Prairie kids learn not to be easily impressed with any day in March that insists on calling itself the first day of Spring. On the prairies, any day in March could quickly turn into one more day to push a shovel. Kids also learned not to get too excited by the melting of the last hint of snow. We quickly learn that bikes don’t come out the day the snow disappears. Certainly biking on the road in my cavity-prone years was not very safe until the last truckload of winter road sand was hauled away.

Whenever bikes finally did hit the road, the sight of the first tough little daffodil pushing its way through barely thawed soil was always a pretty cool and welcome one. On our favourite Gulf Island, the deer luckily continue to permit daffodils to be an early and positive sign of spring. And thanks to the Canadian Cancer Society daffodil logo, each year this bright, cheerful flower is a powerful symbol of hope for a cancer-free future for so many affected by this disease.

Do you know about The Daffodil Dash on April 26 - both in Smithers, BC and in Vancouver? Check out all the events in BC on www.cancer.ca under Get Involved.

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