Messy cutting, gluing and painting

In March we chose an official Spring cover. As you may remember, I made some rather derogatory remarks regarding the fact that some parts of our country (the prairies from whence I came) were usually not quite ready to celebrate spring when the official “first Day of Spring” arrived.

Since that issue of The Pender Post, and my condescending remarks, Pender Island had a nasty windstorm, long power outage, and temperatures that were anything but spring-like.

By way of an apology, we have decided on another spring-like cover photo theme. What could be more fitting than Mr. Robin himself? Yes, with those bright colours, he is indeed a he.

This month’s cover robin was created by local artist, Joanne Green. Green describes her fine-looking robin as a mixed media collage. In a mixed media collage, Green uses beautiful paper and whatever bits and pieces she can find, scrounge or collect to add to her art. In true Penderite fashion, Joanne searches thrift stores like “our beloved Nu-To-Yu” for vintage jewellery to add to her art. The search, Green admits, is almost as much fun as creating the art. I suspect from her comments, however, that there is no shortage of fun involved in the creation, which she describes as messy, lots of cutting, gluing and painting. I wish I had found a pathway to perpetuate my kindergarten glee of messy cutting, gluing and painting the way Joanne Green has.

In fairness, Green’s path from kindergarten glee to accomplished artist has not been simple either. Joanne is a graduate of UBC with a degree in a totally unrelated field, and went on to establish a career in her chosen field. But eventually she felt the irresistible beckoning of cutting, gluing and painting. Judging by the cover robin, we are fortunate that she did.

Oh, did I mention Joanne’s chosen field of study? Archaeology of course! Perhaps digging in the mud of 1000-year-old middens reignited Joanne’s love for messy cutting, gluing and painting.

In closing, I’d like to take a 180-degree change in direction by asking all our readers to do whatever is necessary to address the current health challenges facing the world. Wash, scrub, disinfect, maintain proper social distance and avoid crowds. Your actions can and will save lives.

Pender is a wonderful place to live. “We must pull together by staying apart.”

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