Butterfly-Schmutterfly Attitude

Apparently June is a good month for butterflies but not so much for Research Department staff members. We had a Zoom conference meeting with the Research people this week. The R.D. staff members all loved the cover photo by Ewa Jarosinska, but when the “name the butterfly sweepstakes began” not only did their hands not shoot up in unison, but they could not wait to blurt out out some version of “Whatever ” “Beats me,” and my favourite, “Who do ya think I am, Lila Lepidopterist?”

Clearly the on-going self-isolation, working from home and seeing no faces in the flesh except those of family members is starting to grind on some of us. It has been tough but where else could you be so safe and relaxed as we are here on Pender? We are lucky but as our leaders from government have repeated so often, “We cannot let up.” Even as formal restrictions are slowly lifted let’s do as required and move forward slowly. No backward slide for BC and hopefully none for Canada.

Our Research Staff is still the best in the business but I believe their butterfly-schmutterfly attitude stemmed from other frustrations. They were touchy and grumpy about the group’s shortcomings in the Name-that-Butterfly sweepstakes and I understand that. Given a little time to lick their wounds they wordlessly slipped back into the problem-solving mode and determined that our cover butterfly actually goes by the name of Edith’s Checker Spot.

In the interests of science I must tell you that Edith’s Latin name is Euphydryas editha. I know, I know, I shouldn’t drift into Latin but Edith (if I may dare to assume that we are on a first name basis) insisted. By the way, Edith is a member of the Nymphalidae family. I have not met the whole family but I have heard that they are a nice, hard working Latin family. As an interesting sidebar I believe that they made their family fortune running Victoria’s first gelato shop. The one with the sign on the wall saying “Make someone smile today.”

It is a good motto and today is a good time to start - especially if you start with some of our local heroes, the retailers, the first responders, the medical staff, the BC Ferry folks, the truckers and all those Pender people that keep this great place running.

Mike Wiley

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