It is finally beginning to feel like summer

August is here, and the weather is finally beginning to feel like summer. The Pender Post August cover shot of a busy male rufous hummingbird looks like confirmation that summer had arrived. Photographer Lynn Price-Wallace can take a deep bow for this photo. Lynn also contributed an earlier cover photo, the spectacular one with the cedar waxwing picking off a wild currant in mid-air. This month’s cover shot has another Pender Post connection. Last fall when our Production Manager, Michel Pelletier and Lynn were talking about plants, Michel mentioned that hummingbirds seemed to love Hardy Fuchsia. He gave Lynn some Hardy Fuchsia cuttings, which she promptly planted. The hummingbirds went straight to the newly flowering Fuchsia. I’d like to point out that Michel is a Pender Post Research Department grad, except for the fact that he is not. However, he does know some neat stuff about which birds like which flowers.

Summer 2020 was a long time coming, and this year’s COVID-19 has made the wait feel even longer. Enjoy the great weather but remember to continue to be vigilant and respectful of others. Keep doing all the necessary things, like maintaining hand hygiene and personal distancing, wearing a mask when shopping indoors or wherever the six-foot rule is unmanageable, and avoiding large gatherings. From behind your mask please, please continue to smile. Your smile may not be seen but your eyes will convey it!

And when you see first responders, the staff from the Recycling Depot, the retail stores, gas station, the vet’s office and many others who continue to go that extra mile so that life for the rest of us can carry on as normally as possible, please don’t hesitate to give them a thumbs-up and a sincere thank-you.

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