A 50th Anniversary Message from the President, Vicki Dutton

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As you quickly will see, there’s a great deal going on with The Pender Post these days.

For starters, we’re 50!

· That’s 50 years of volunteers putting together a community newsletter so that everyone can know what’s going on these days.

· That’s 50 years of contributors writing about events and activities within their club or organization.

· That’s 50 years of someone guiding the helm and putting it all together for publication.

· That’s 50 years of someone printing the issue, or getting it from the printers and making sure it lands on doorsteps, mailboxes, or retail outlets in a timely fashion.

To all who have been involved in that process, now, or at any time in the last 50 years, thank you.

To those who began this publication, we owe thanks for a great idea. Obviously, it was an enduring idea. I, personally, am grateful that in setting up things such as advertising to help cover costs, they declined to do as mainstream publications do and charge for birth and death announcements.

We have steadfastly refused to charge a dime for announcements that let us know who has good news to share and who is letting us share their sorrow.



And since we operate from the initial constitution and bylaws as laid out 50 years ago, it’s time to let you know that our Annual General Meeting will be held May 18 this year. That’s later than normal, but the board voted to bump the meeting back in hopes that we will be able to meet in person rather than via Zoom, as we have done all winter. The AGM is set for May 18 at the Community Hall, beginning at 10 am.

Jean Bradley


And finally, we at The Pender Post must say goodbye to Jean Bradley, who with her father, started The Pender Post 50 years ago, its first issue in April of 1971. She served The Pender Post for many years and made a great contribution. Sadly she left us on March 11, knowing what was planned to celebrate her actions of many years ago. May she rest in peace.

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