Another old-timer retires to Pender Island…

Does our July cover vehicle require an introduction? Often old memories come from a trip down Memory Lane. In this case, memories are generated by a trip down Einar’s Hill, and repeated with every trip down that hill. This month’s cover photo was taken by a local photographer, Rose da Silva. I met Rose and her husband more than a year ago, when our dogs enthusiastically introduced us.

The first photos she shared with me were a collection of her mushroom photos. Mushroom photos… who takes photos of mushrooms? Apparently, Rose da Silva, and they are amazing. I probably shouldn’t be surprised because Dad always said, “If you can ever find a photographer who take a good photo of both an old Ford work truck and mushrooms, you have found a real photographer.” He knew nothing about photography…but apparently he was correct.

Our automotive cover star was originally engaged in the lumber industry on Salt Spring Island. In about 1960, Earl Hastings bought the truck and moved it to Pender Island, where it again toiled in the forestry/lumber industry. In its working life, the truck had tongs affixed to the tow truck-like uprights at the rear of the truck. The tongs enabled the truck to grapple and lift logs, and then load them to be hauled to the mill.

When the truck finished its work career on Pender, it was stashed in the woods of Hastings’ property. Aaron Campbell purchased the property a few years ago, and for some clever reason, recently decided to move the automotive old-timer to a spot of high visibility on the property. That move was the dawn of a whole new career for the old workhorse!

Since that move from the woods to the front row, the old Ford has brought a smile to many people navigating the downhill curve of Einar’s Hill. Hopefully, da Silva’s photography and The Pender Post will add another chapter to the old-timer’s career.

Throughout this article, one piece of descriptive information seems to be lacking, namely, the model year of our central character! We would appreciate our readers filling in that important gap for us. The first (and only) prize is a framed photo of the Pender Post’s July 2021 cover, that will go to the sender of the earliest correct answer to our question.

In closing, we would like to thank Aaron F. Campbell for giving his permission to use the photo of his truck for the July 2021 cover and note that this article has been produced with his permission. We also would like to thank Earl Hastings for initially allowing his property to be used as an emergency helicopter landing pad, and our thanks to Aaron Campbell for allowing that vital role to continue.

Mike Wiley

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