Christmas is a Special Time of Year

Christmas is always a special time of year. And what could look more festive than our December Pender Post cover? But celebrating Christmas and the holiday season promises to have a very different look this year. With no overseas travel or inter-provincial travel, and fewer large family celebrations, Christmas 2020 indeed promises to be memorable. Instead of thinking of the necessary changes as sacrifices, we should view them as short-term family and friendship investments to ensure we’ll again enjoy “the good old days” at a future date.

Luckily, we can all still share meaningful time with the special people in our lives. Thanks to technology, a smorgasbord of Christmas connecting opportunities awaits us, with long distance phone calls, Skype and Zoom fun, Facetime sightings, and texting. Although nothing replaces the delight of sharing the same space as our important people at Christmas, we can be grateful for these alternate methods of contact. We will fervently hope Pender power outages take a long holiday break!

As always, we can do our part to make this year’s Pender Christmas a happier time for those less fortunate. Donations to any number of causes will help residents who might need a little boost at this time of year.

As a difficult 2020 draws to a close, we continue to thank the Pender Island heroes among us, who take daily risks to make our lives as normal as possible. We celebrate the doctors, technicians, nurse practitioners, receptionists, and all at the Pender Island clinic, and the many store employees and management who help us day in and day out. They no doubt have self-inflicted bite marks on their tongues for every time they have had to react politely to self-entitled non-mask wearers, or to those who think that COVID-19 safety rules and distances do not apply to them. Thanks also to the teachers, school support staff, and bus drivers who allow Pender kids to keep learning and enjoying their childhood. And to many more unnamed residents who, especially through this challenging year, make living on Pender safe and enjoyable.

In answer to those who asked and guessed, some correctly and some not so much, the identities of our heroic November cover guys and gal are:

Top row, left to right: Michel Pelletier, Dave Williams, and Annette Dombrowski

Bottom Row, left to right: John Barton, Ken Pelley, and Peter Campbell

Unfortunately, no readers were able to correctly identify all our heroes so no contestants were able to qualify to win the somewhat rusty 1953 Buick.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all for a much improved 2021.

Mike Wiley

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