Happy New Year! 2020 is Finally Over

Wishing in any new year is always a big deal, but New Year’s Day 2021 is huge. When 2021 arrives, we will be jubilant that 2020 is finally over. Hurray and yippee. I feel safe in assuming that most of you agree with the sentiment. Seldom has the end of a year been as welcomed. Hopefully, with working vaccines and eventually fewer COVID-19 related concerns, 2021 may slowly begin to remind us of the good ol’ days, the days before we all learned to say “pandemic.”

We have chosen as our January cover birdie, a male Belted Kingfisher to herald the start of a new year. This fine photo was provided by Pender visitor and long-time Pender fan, photographer Myles Clarke. Kingfishers can often be seen on branches and other tall perches overlooking a river, bay, or inlet on fresh or salt water…they are particularly fond of perches that overlook Thieves Bay Marina. Okay, I confess that the start of the last sentence drew heavily on information supplied by our dedicated ferrets in the Research Department, to which they added a very factual chunk of local reality.

Originally, we had planned a huge knowledge fest of Kingfisher trivia…enough to make our readers truly annoying at Christmas parties, open houses, and seasonal family events. But as the pandemic quashed such social opportunities, we will mercifully refrain from sharing the balance of those terribly interesting factoids.

In their place, we suggest everyone take the time to celebrate all the stalwart participants who have spent the last many months serving and caring for the population in a myriad of ways. No job descriptions come even close to covering what many workers are now doing. Some people just step up in unique ways, like the couple who had to cancel their already-paid-for wedding dinner and dance due to public meeting restrictions. The couple, realizing that there was more than one way to celebrate their union, requested that the money they had paid for their wedding dinner instead be used to feed the needy. Two such instances were mentioned online, with doubtless many more generous gestures not publicized.

Thanks must go to all the overworked hospital employees who, knowing the significant personal risk, put others’ well-being first. The list of heroes through the pandemic is endless. Let me now add to the list all those covering the length and breadth of Canada, delivering and administering the recently approved vaccines.

Best wishes from The Pender Post board and staff. May your hopes and prayers for a happy and healthy 2021 be realized.

Mike Wiley

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