Single White Water Lily

The cover of our August Pender Post features a single white water lily. The photo was taken by our own Production Manager, Michel Pelletier. One glance at the cover will confirm that there was no favouritism in the choice of this photo being chosen to lead the August 2021 The Pender Post cover sweepstakes.

Thanks to the recently loosened COVID-19 restrictions, everyone must now be celebrating being able to finally invite friends inside their house. Only a few family members - and an enthusiastically greeted plumber! - had been in our house for well over a year. At the Magic Lake tennis courts, only a few of the pandemic rules remain, and players are able to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed game. No argument with that.

The flower on our cover is simple, white, and pure. The moment I saw the cover I felt that its simple purity represented change: change, and a better way. Trust me, I was as surprised at my reaction as anyone. To me that lily had a message of hope, welcoming a better way of living than what we have been accustomed to since March 2020.

Are we witnessing the end of the pandemic? Perhaps. Welcome the changes we see, but remain alert and aware. As the rules relax, we should all appreciate the new freedom, but remember to continue to do our part to protect ourselves and others, and stay in touch with current, science-based information that informs of any new developments. Continue to be well.

Mike Wiley

Winner of the July Cover Photo Contest

The winner of last month’s “Guess the model year of the old timer Ford truck” was Leah Davies of Pender Island who correctly chose 1950 as the model year! The above presentation photo shows (back row, left to right) The Pender Post Society President Annie Smith, presenting our Ford truck expert and Grand prize winner Leah Davies with her framed prize, and writer Mike Wiley. Missing is Rose da Silva, photographer). The front row stars Leah’s 3 year-old daughter Annie…we know that front row Annie is three because she held up three fingers to make sure we would remember!

Mike Wiley

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