St Valentine's Day is Special

This year heralds a different kind of Valentine’s Day, with the world continuing to be in the grip of COVID-19. For the most part, we Canadians seem to be following the rules and, for the most part, seem to be making strides. But the pandemic has changed the way we do almost everything, with even simple events like gathering with friends now requiring a head count, distance measuring, masks and meeting the challenge of ever-changing Public Health measures.

On a positive note, I am in daily email contact with old friends, friends with whom I rarely communicated when “life was so busy.” I now realize what a flimsy excuse that was! For months now I have enjoyed the sharing of jokes, cartoons and, of course, many well-deserved pot shots at Trump. Often little snippets of pure communication in some emails remind me that these old friends are special people with whom I have shared important parts of my life. When life eventually settles into its “new normal,” I plan to maintain some of my new habits and renewed contacts.

A look at our February cover by Corinne McAuley quickly reminds me that we have not yet established our “new normal,” and events like St. Valentine’s Day must be re-jigged for our present reality. Be sure to tell your loved ones that they are more special today than ever. Walk one of Pender’s beautiful trails, go for a sail, or boat ride if possible, or, like so many have done over the past year, Zoom your special friends and relatives. St. Valentine’s Day is special because we make it so.

In case I have given you the impression that I have handled the pandemic resourcefully and successfully, I haven’t. Just like many, I can slip into meaningless time wasting. For example, when I received the draft of the cover of the February issue of The Pender Post, I soon found myself counting the number of hearts or heart fragments on the cover! How is that for a meaningless event? I counted those damn hearts five times and came up with the same total only three times. Go ahead. Try it and, of course, let me know your answer. The number is a matter of interest but is not this month’s quiz. The real quiz question…What the heck is the solo butterfly doing on The Pender Post cover amidst all those hearts?

Mike Wiley

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