Our subscription year runs from Jan through Dec. Please email us if you have any questions about your Pender Post subscription.

2020 Subscription cost/year (12 months - when paying by cheque)

Pender Island $24.00 • Rest of Canada $30.00 • Online only $20.00 • United States & Overseas - Email us


2020 Subscription Rates For Cheque or E-Transfer

1) Cheque

  • Pender Island - $24 annually (January through December)

  • For Off-Island within Canada - $30 annually (January through December)

Make cheque payable to:
The Pender Post Society (and mail to the Pender Post Society)
PO Box 4 
Pender Island, BC
V0N 2M0,
Attention Dianne Allison, Subscriptions

~ OR ~

- drop off payment to: The Pender Post box at Dockside Realty, Driftwood Center

2) e-Transfer

Send e-Transfer to

3) Online Payment

Which option do I choose? Look at the descriptions below and choose which one fits you.

2020 Subscription Rates For Credit Card and PayPal

Canada (Mailing)

On-line Subscription only

Canada (Mailing)
Choose this option if you don't live full time on Pender but anywhere else in Canada.

Pender Island Residents (Mailing)
Choose this option if you live full time on Pender Island and have a mail box for delivery.

US and Overseas
Contact for delivery options

Pender Island Residents (Mailing)