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The Pender Post Society

is a non-profit society which, since 1971, has published a monthly community newsletter called The Pender Post.

Our mandate is to provide our community with everything needed to stay up to date with community activities, services, special events, special notices, announcements and much more. Throughout the pages of our publication readers will find information on the activities of local clubs and societies, along with reports from service agencies, advertising to help you find just what you need and a plethora of contact information.


The Pender Post Society is run by a Board of Directors which meets once a month, usually on the 18th. The Board is made up of representatives from Pender’s local clubs and societies. All clubs and societies are encouraged to select a representative to sit on the Board. If you would like to attend a meeting of the Board, please contact our Secretary, Jan Wallace, . We are actively seeking new members.


Persons who live on Pender and subscribe to The Pender Post are automatically members of the Society and are able to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting. Look for announcements in the new year and leading up to the March meeting if you are interested in attending.


From the Board you can expect to see announcements regarding a new bursary, an invitation to submit artwork for our new colour covers and an increased presence around the community. The Society has also quietly provided financial contributions in the past and we look forward to being able to do more for our community in the very near future.


See below for our contact information.

Board of Directors

President - Annie Smith

Vice-President - Val Butcher

Secretary - Jan Wallace,

Treasurer - Dianne Allison

Board Members at Large:

     Carole Elliott

     Linda Pink

     Karen Hardie


Production Manager

Larry Colcy, 

Pender Post Society, PO Box 4,

Pender Island, BC, V0N 2M0


Editorial Board

Dianne Allison, Val Butcher, Vicki Dutton and Annie Smith

Alternate - Linda Pink



Display Advertising Billing

Renée Watson, 


Dianne Allison, 


Island Graphics. Ltd., Victoria, BC

Contributors and Advertisers

For details on the following, write to

• submitting reports and remembrances

• submitting photos

• calendar listings

• advertising costs

• ad payments

• pre-payment discounts


The deadline is 5 pm on the 19th, except December 19. It is always much appreciated if submissions could be sent as soon as they are ready.  This allows plenty of time for submissions to be processed prior to the Editorial Board review at 10 am on the 20th.  If you cannot e-mail your material and the Dockside Realty office is closed at the Driftwood Centre at the time of the deadline, please call 629-2215.

No Charge

We do not charge for remembrance, birth, wedding or special anniversary announcements for people with a Pender Island connection.


Display Ads

The cost of all display ads is $11 per block. See this chart for sizes and costs. Display ads must be submitted as

an image in the form of a PDF or high resolution JPG at 300 dots per inch.

The Pender Post is published once a month by The Pender Post Society,

with the help and support of various organizations on the Pender Islands, a community whose interests the society seeks to serve. Our constitution stipulates that “The Pender Post, or its name, shall not be used in any way to promote any political interests or the private or commercial interests of any persons or organizations.”
Membership in The Pender Post Society is included in the annual subscription for on-Island residents only. The Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from Pender Island non-profit clubs and societies.
To send a representative, please email our Secretary Jan Wallace at
Meetings are held once a month, normally on the 18th.

Editorial Policy

We reserve the right to edit and abridge all submissions. We also reserve the right to correct spelling and grammatical errors. Canadian spelling is used whenever possible. Views expressed are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the Editor, the Editorial Board, nor any member of the Pender Post Society’s Board of Directors.


Personal Information Protection Policy

Persons submitting reports are responsible to comply with BC’s Personal Information Protection Act. The Pender Post reserves the right to exclude information deemed to be potentially hurtful to an individual or group.
Persons submitting advertising are responsible to gain the consent of individuals whose personal information appears in the ad. The Pender Post subscriber list is protected and is not shared with any other group or organization.
Information posted at The Pender Post’s on-line calendar ( is the sole responsibility of those entering the information.

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