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Cover Story

A New Day, A New Year

by Mike Wiley

The cover for January 2022 features a spectacular sunrise photo, taken by local photographer Claudia Lorenz, who already has seen her work grace the front cover of The Pender Post on three other occasions. The photo on the first Pender Post cover of 2022 was taken from the beach near Port Browning looking out toward Mount Norman and Saturna.  Lorenz, sometimes an early riser, has learned that when the clouds and lighting are just right there can be a memorable photographic benefit.  Lorenz was a little vague about the exact time the photo was snapped but I gather that no barriers were needed to keep the crowds from disrupting the solitude or skipping stones on the glassy waters of the bay.

When he first saw the mock-up of the first cover of 2022, Michel Pelletier, our cover designer and Production Manager, dubbed it “A new day, a new year.”  I could only add “and new hope.”

After the last two years, we are ready for new hope.  The world has been presented challenges in almost every aspect of living, including but certainly not limited to career goals, education, health, politics, relationships, peace (world and local), economic and political stability, and as BCers and many others around the world have just seen, climate and weather have been both unpredictable and dangerous too.

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