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Submitting Reports
and Announcements

The Pender Post publishes monthly reports from non-profit community groups active on Pender Island as well as obituaries and birth, wedding, and special anniversary announcements. There is no charge for publishing these.


The deadline for submitting is 5:00 pm on the19th of each month.

How to Submit

All reports and announcements should be sent to the Production Manager at They can be sent in the body of an email message or as an attachment (MS-Word, PDF or TXT file format only.)

  • Do not enter any text in upper case.

  • Do not bold or italicize text. 

  • Do not use abbreviations or anacronyms.

  • Enter times like this: 1:00 pm (NOT 1 pm, 1:00 p.m. or 1:00 P.M.).


All articles must be attributed so include the author's name at the end.


We encourage groups to include photos of people, places and events mentioned in their reports. Obituaries should also include a photo. Photos can be sent in the body of an email or attached as PDF, JPG or PSD files. The resolution should be at least 200 dpi. Include a suggested caption and photo credit.  For files too large to attach, contact for other options.

Calendar Listings

Brief, one-line listings are free for non-commercial events or fundraising events sponsored by registered Pender Island non-profit groups. Event listings should include the event title, date, and time. We’ll appreciate it if you include Calendar entries at the top of your report.

Editorial Policy

We reserve the right to edit and abridge all submissions and to correct spelling and grammar errors.

Views expressed are those of the authors, NOT the Editor, Editorial Board or any member of the Pender Post Society’s board of directors.

Personal Information and Protection Policy

Persons submitting ads or reports must comply with BC’s Personal Information Protection Act. The Pender Post reserves the right to exclude information deemed to be potentially hurtful to an individual or group. Persons submitting advertising must obtain the consent of individuals whose personal information appears in the ad. The Pender Post subscriber list is protected and is not shared with any group or organization.

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